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Sheffield chosen to lead the way in National Flood Resilience Review


In a report, released by the Government, into national flood resilience, Sheffield has been selected as the first core city in England to be protected from flooding to the same standard as London by 2021.

The report highlights that Sheffield offers great potential for improving flood protection from its many rivers whilst enabling regeneration of the urban environment. This work is seen as vital in unlocking the economic, aesthetic and ecological value of the city’s waterways and making Sheffield a more beautiful and better place to live.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, Cabinet Member for Environment at Sheffield City Council said: “We’re pleased that Sheffield has been selected as a pilot city for the biggest investment in flood defences outside of London. We will lead the way with other core cities following from our example. This report confirms Government’s recognition of the excellent progress that we (the Council) and the Environment Agency have made with our innovative flood protection and urban regeneration plans.

As a part of the deal we will form a partnership providing us with access to senior business leaders and industry experts which presents a once in a life time opportunity to protect Sheffield for at least the next century. We look forward to working with Government in developing our plans over the coming months.

Ultimately this is about protecting our communities and businesses. If we simply do nothing we leave the city vulnerable to the devastating effects of flooding, like we saw in 2007. We have recently consulted on potential options and ideas to protect Sheffield from flooding. This is a great challenge for the city and does include some sensitive options around the temporary use of parks and woodland locations.

We’ve had a great response to the flood consultation, in both returned questionnaires and attendance at drop-in meetings. I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions which will help shape how Sheffield can be better protected from flooding.

We will be spending the next few months analysing the opinions gathered during our consultation exercise and hope to have established which options are to be considered further in the new year. We will then develop the designs for these options in more detail.

We will update this website shortly with the exact timescales for this. In the meantime if you do want to get in touch with any questions or comments please contact us via our email address at

For a copy of the Government report please visit