We are committed to protecting Sheffield from flooding, following the devastating floods of 2007. In 2012 Sheffield almost suffered a repeat of the 2007 floods.

The Government has a National Flood Programme which supplies the majority of funding for flood protection schemes.  We have registered six important schemes with the programme at a total cost of £83 million.

The programme’s six capital schemes are:

For each of these schemes the programme is committed to providing the best possible access routes that are practical and realistically deliverable.

When designing access options we will consider the following:

  • Surface and width
  • Breaks in the surface
  • Changes in levels
  • Ramps and gradients
  • Passing places
  • Resting areas
  • Physical barriers
  • Existing path furniture
  • Signage and waymarking

Designs will take in to consideration those who walk, use wheelchairs / mobility scooters, horse riders and cyclists.