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Update on Upper Don and Sheaf consultation

The Partnership between the City Council and the Environment Agency has now completed the  consultation and scoping stage for the Sheaf and Upper Don flood protection schemes that, subject to funding, will protect thousands of homes and businesses in the Upper Don, Loxley, Sheaf and Porter valleys from flooding.

An important part of this stage of the project was to consult the public, relevant groups and local communities on a range of catchment wide flood protection options. The objectives being to understand views on the overall approach being taken to protect the city and on the options themselves.

Earlier this year, the project team was busy analysing hundreds of responses and is now confirming a short list of options for design. Further details of the short list together with a technical report outlining the consultation results, key themes and selection reasons is available to download from this page below.

The Partnership’s aim is to prevent the devastating floods of 2007 from happening again over the coming century.

To do this, a complex combination of measures is needed throughout the catchment that will:

  1. Keep floodwater in the pennine uplands above the city;
  2. Temporarily store floodwater in open spaces close to the river;
  3. Keep floodwater in the rivers;
  4. Make the city better able to withstand flooding.

The Partnership recognises the sensitivity of some of the options and understands the concerns expressed. The locations for the temporary flood storage areas have been selected because they flood now and the project team considers that they are the best solutions to protect large areas of the city. Through careful design there are opportunities to improve the selected locations and make them available for longer and for more uses.

The project team will now work with local groups and communitites to flesh out the options. This work will involve carefully addressing concerns where possible and mitigating impacts.

The project team is also working hard to secure funding to allow the full project to be delivered.

You can view details of the options that we consulted on by going to the Upper Don Catchment Options Map or Sheaf Catchment Options Map on consultation archive menu to the left. For an overview of the options we have explored please view our short animation below.