Totley Brook flood storage areas

Sheaf catchment

Creating temporary storage areas to hold back flood water will reduce the height of new flood defences required through the city.

A location upstream of Totley is being considered for providing temporary flood storage. A new embankment would be constructed across the Totley Brook, that would hold back water for a short period during significant storm events.

Option considerations

  • We would minimise impacts on Ancient Woodland habitats and trees and identify wider opportunities for tree planting, habitat creation and improving the environment.

  • We would carefully assess the impact of temporary flood water storage on trees and habitats.

  • The embankment would be designed to minimise the impact on the local landscape.

  • Some diversions would be required to footpaths but we would ensure access is maintained during and after construction, and improve access where possible.

  • We would consider the impact of the work on buried archaeological remains that may exist in this area.


potential volume of temporary storage created (roughly equivalent to 44 Olympic swimming pools)

0.26 metres

potential reduction in downstream flood levels*

* in the River Sheaf upstream of the station