Upper Don and Sheaf Catchments Introduction

Sheffield City Council is considering options to reduce flood risk in the Upper Don and River Sheaf Catchments. Flooding from these rivers poses a significant risk to people and property. Scientific evidence suggests that this risk will increase in the future due to climate change. The Council is seeking to provide flood protection so that the chance of a flood occuring is no more than 1 in 200 in any given year.

Project Timeline

We have to follow a set process to secure the funding we need. Your views will help us to select the best options for your community and the city and put together the project business case. When we have secured funding, planning permission and environmental consents, we can start to build the flood measures. This could be as soon as 2019.

The extent of the projects

The projects cover the Upper Don and Sheaf Catchments, as shown on the map below.

Why are we consulting?

There are lots of different ways to reduce flooding.  Each has different benefits and impacts so we want to get your views on what you think is best for Sheffield.

We are consulting now to ensure that you have a say on any options that are taken forward for more detailed assessment.

We will provide feedback on what you have said and how it has informed the approach. Further consultation will take place as the project progresses to design, planning and construction.